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A Japanese rapper from Germany, Blumio. Born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany and started activities as a rapper. He has released four albums in Germany and has conducted a live tour of four times. The music video of the representative song “Hey Mr. Nazi” will be monopolized first in German MTV for several months, and it will be a huge hit with over 16 million playbacks on Youtube (as of April 2018).
He received the Music Encouragement Prize (Förderpreis Musik der Stadt Düsseldorf) from his hometown of Düsseldorf, mobilized more than 2,000 people in the live fusion of rap and classic performed with the Düsseldorf Symphonic Orchestra, in Germany and other neighboring countries Not only boasts high recognition and popularity, its musical nature is highly appreciated.
Such Blumio finally shifted its activity base to Japan which is his home country, and started full-scale start from 2017. “UNIQLO” sang about that clothing chain that everyone knows, “BACHIBOKO song” singing love to comedian entertainers SAN Jiro, “Uza senpai who is at a drinking party sang” There is a delusion dance ” With the imagination as a weapon, we will sublime it to a lap like a story with a humor to a crazy theme. Born in Germany and raised in Germany, Blumio with a unique sensibility and style brings a new style to Japanese rap.